Sharing the passion

During the Skype call the Queenslander Emma Dale’s location comes up as Mongolia’s capital, Ulaanbaatar – a nod to her recent work with area wolves and marmots on the steppes where the temperature drops to minus 30C. She was working for the Steppe Forward Program meant to spur local conservation initiatives.

Now Dale, 23, is a Tasmania Discovery Ranger. Read at the Sydney Morning Herald.


LOLs, trolls, and tequila

Whether its for advice, support, a business idea, or just a joke you can laugh out loud at, mothers in Hong Kong from all over the world join Facebook groups. Online guide The HK Hub lists 16, and some even attract men – who are soon booted out.

Read at the South China Morning Post


In Australia, populist media giant Nine looks set to swallow up its prestigious rival, Fairfax, sparking anxiety about the loss of an institution that has been around for over a century. Now, amid sharp mistrust of the media, what do news consumers Down Under crave in the post-Fairfax world?

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The present history

Sydney historian Dr Victoria Grieves reckons her work is widely misunderstood.

‘‘I think that the general public sometimes has a view of the academic person generally as someone who’s in a cushy job,’’ she says, citing intercultural complication. ‘‘But it’s actually not an easy job in any way shape or form.’’

Read at the Sydney Morning Herald.

The traits that make US firms less likely to hire Hong Kong Chinese over white applicants, according to Stanford study

You might think appearing unflappable in a job interview an asset, but what US employers see instead is an enthusiasm deficit, research shows. A cultural critic isn’t surprised by the findings, and says Asian job applicants are typecast. Read at the South China Morning Post.


Australia’s ride-sharing economy is booming, driven by Uber. But, the market-leader has drawn ire following peak-time price increases. So what do Aussie consumers want from Uber and the diverse parade of competitors that are striving to catch up and deliver superior service? Read at Canvas 8. Paywalled!

Looking for the unexpected below the sea

Sea-faring scientist is always on the hunt for unusual trends. Read at the Sydney Morning Herald.