Shipwrecked Hong Kong sailors’ brush with Indian island tribe that killed US missionary John Allen Chau

  • Crew were being threatened by ‘wild … people carrying spears and arrows’, captain cabled after freighter ran aground off North Sentinel Island
  • 31 sailors, most from Hong Kong, were trapped aboard MV Primrose facing attack by hostile islanders who 37 years later slew US missionary. SCMP.

Vision for success

How clear is the link between sports performance and perfect vision? Optician magazine. Paywalled!


Amid rising global interest in dark tourism, historic graveyards across Australia are being transformed from underutilised public spaces to travel hotspots. Offering theatrical night-time tours that double as history lessons, Melbourne General Cemetery is making death a less taboo topic. Canvas8.

Hapless Hong Kong criminals: seven robberies that went awry

For every successful robbery, there is a good number that go badly wrong for luckless –or should that be hapless? – criminals.

South China Morning Post

Cracking the colour code

Glorious full colour vision is a privilege enjoyed by more than just humans. New research shows the Harris’s hawk sees in colour, which brings great benefits. David Wilson reports. Optician magazine. Paywalled!


With church attendance dropping around the globe, connecting with younger generations is as important as ever for religious organisations. Australia’s Hillsong Church has gained mass appeal with Gen Z by combining their interest in spirituality with digital influencers and celebrities. Read at Canvas8. Paywalled!

Photographer’s fascination with Hong Kong bamboo scaffolding shows in new book and exhibition

On his first Hong Kong visit in 1994, after landing at the old Kai Tak airport, a stunning structure caught the eye of photographer Peter Steinhauer. Surrounded by bamboo scaffolding and draped in yellow material, the building stood out against the dull city skyline under a canopy of clouds.

“I am immediately fascinated with this, as I have never seen such a thing. It was monumental, huge in scale, and I remember looking at it for quite some time while I waited in the taxi .. Read at the South China Morning Post