Know these under-the-radar bank account perks and special features

Your bank account is more than just a place to park your cash. If used wisely, there are several extra benefits available if you know where to look.

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The seven myths to bust about your superannuation

The nation’s superannuation system is worth $2.8 trillion dollars but there are many myths that need to be debunked which impact your retirement savings.

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Aussie startup turns feral deer into ethical salami

Fair Game venison wastes almost nothing.

Messy wallets a boon for ID thieves

TAKE a peek inside your wallet or purse … Its contents might make it a dangerous liability.

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How Plastic Bank Is Aiming to Turn Trash into Treasure

Plastic Bank is a Vancouver-based social enterprise with a Blockchain twist on recycling. Founded in 2013, Plastic Bank is now inching into profit. It pays the extreme poor in Haiti, the Philippines, and Indonesia to gather plastic waste.

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Borrowing traps: avoid personal loan fine print at your peril

Personal loans might seem like a good deal, but if you dig a little deeper you might find some sneaky fees and charges. HERE’S HOW TO AVOID GETTING STUNG. Read at News Corp MoneysaverHQ.

Machine Beats Man Meet the super robots that are about to lap the world’s fastest humans.

You probably picture robots as clodhoppers: ponderous, clunky, even doddery droids that need caffeine, badly. But robots are on the brink of making giant strides. Just ask Columbia University engineering professor Hod Lipson, who writes in Nature that “young animals gallop across fields, climb trees, and immediately find their feet with grace after they fall”—and robots are set to follow suit.

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