Investment specialists share their favourite Warren Buffett quotes

When billionaire investor Warren Buffett speaks, the investment world listens. Here’s some of his wisdom that has stuck in the minds of Australian finance experts.

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Turf Busters

The rise — and rise — of lawn mower racing.

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Wisdom from Australia’s financial elite: How to rise to the next level

Reality is that you don’t become wealthy from your salary. Instead, people get rich by making their money work for them, and the experts say it’s wise to start as soon as possible.

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Where muscle meets make-up. These 10 women are fit and they’re redefining beauty

These strong women are power lifters, bodybuilders, personal trainers and fitness models and they have thousands of followers online. They believe in being muscular, but are keen to embrace their feminine side.

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These Are the Eight Most Expensive Venoms in the World

But you may need them one day.

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Accessing your super savings early is possible, but there are pitfalls

Superannuation can be accessed early in some cases, but people need to be careful. Here’s our guide to grabbing some super before you reach retirement age.

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Running out of money in retirement? Perhaps you could join the new trend of older Australians going back to work.

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