World wonder knock-offs

These days, anything can be copied – not just handbags and sunnies. Even the world’s greatest wonders are fair game and get replicated. Discover world wonder knock-offs at Ninemsn travel..




World’s wildest ladyboy shows

Ladyboys look increasingly like real women, and thanks to cutting-edge surgery, they can even have their tell-tale Adam’s apples removed. The result: ladyboys often wind up looking just as glamorous and gorgeous as women born as women. In many cases, ladyboys look better. Girls, prepare for the awkward moment when you realise a man might look prettier than you …

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Sex and Zen: Asia’s naughtiest night spots

Forget about Asia’s sappy romantic honeymoon islands. Asia also hosts some of the world’s most luridly lively party zones that make for a heady brew of hedonism.
Such a concept might not be to everyone’s taste, in which case, you’d be advised to steer clear and perhaps stop reading now. But otherwise, come on a tawdry tour of some of Asia’s steamiest districts — neon hives of vice haunted by hookers and dubious characters with names like “Fletch the Letch”. Read more at ninemsn.

Stonehenge knockoffs

Despite its lonely and mysterious image, Stonehenge is far from unique. The famous standing stone circle in the west of England has solid homegrown and trans-Atlantic competition in a swathe of forms and materials. David Wilson maps out the monuments that define the alternate “Stonehenge” universe. Read more at ninemsn……/stonehenge-knock-offs

Princess Di’s Britain

Rumour has it that Prince William chose to wed Kate Middleton at Westminster Abbey instead of St Paul’s Cathedral for an eerie reason. He did not want to be reminded of the doomed 1981 marriage between his father, Prince Charles, and Lady Diana. But Princess Di’s memory lives on. Come on a tour of some places hauntingly linked with the “people’s princess” once the world’s most photographed woman.  See the ninemsn slideshow…

Real vampires: the world’s six creepiest creatures

Scientists recently discovered a translucent fish that they call “Dracula”. The fish actually first came to light in 2009, in a fish tank in Britain, but was only discovered in the wild this year. Just 1.7cm long, he compensates for his size by stabbing other fish with bone “fangs” at the front of his jaws. The creature sounds freaky but is just one of a variety of natural-born vampires.

Take a look at our Halloween parade of minor monsters that can make theTwilight vamps you see on the screen look tame. Read more at ninemsn…

Weird London wedding spots

If you want to get married at Westminster Abbey like Prince William and Kate Middleton, tough luck — it’s not on. Still,London hosts all kinds of eccentric upmarket alternatives, and here are some of the coolest — and slightly unconventional — spots to tie the knot with a difference. Read more at ninemsn…