T-shirt designers inspired by Tiananmen Square Tank Man and other icons of protest

April 15 marks the 30th anniversary of the start of the Tiananmen Square protests that ended in carnage on June 4. An unknown number of Chinese students were killed by the People’s Liberation Army. Amid the slaughter, an unidentified hero, later dubbed Tank Man, emerged. Clutching two shopping bags that made him resemble the scales of justice, Tank Man blocked a line of T59 tanks by stubbornly standing in front of it, even briefly boarding the front tank, before two blue-shirted goons whisked him away.

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Why you should tip exceptional service in hospitality

Tipping for service is huge overseas but there are no strict rules about it in Australia. We asked experts for some practical advice.

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More than just creativity needed for a career in design computing

A year after finishing her design computing degree, Isabella Bain rose to the position of senior user experience (UX) consultant at IBM.

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Yangon Artist Bay Bay uses her art to let people enter her alcohol-fueled mind.

Female Alcoholics are Rare in Myanmar. This Young Artist is One of Them

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Penis enlargement: it’s on the rise – but the end result will leave many men feeling deflated

Penis stretching devices, penis extenders, pumps, dermal fillers, surgery – with all its attendant risks – the penis enhancement sector is booming.

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If you’re outnumbered in a battle, remember that you can always turn to showmanship.

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Networking and creativity key to unlocking careers with DNA

University of Sydney scientist Shelley Wickham researches the new field of “DNA origami”. Read @ Sydney Morning Herald