How to stop someone you know falling for an online romance scam

It is not easy to convince a close friend or relative that they have fallen for the charms of an online love cheat, counsellors say. Victims often cannot see the danger signs or simply do not want to, and may remain in denial even after they have been duped out of cash.

South China Morning Post


MAD Transforms Kiyotsu Gorge Tunnel into Tunnel of Light

A clammy 750-meter Japanese tunnel has been transformed into a permanent art installation. Kiyotsu Gorge Tunnel, which lies in the heart of Japan’s snow country, now features five spaces that play on the elements: wood, earth, metal, fire and water.


Golden Bridge in Da Nang, a Land of Gods

Danang in central Vietnam is famous for its array of masterpiece bridges. The line-up ranges from Tran Thi Ly which is designed to resemble a sail; the cable-stayed Thuận Phước Bridge which acts as an axis connecting the town to stunning Linh Ung Pagoda; and fire-breathing, 666-meter engineering marvel Dragon Bridge—Vietnam’s longest steel bridge. Giving the fiery success symbol stiff competition, the surreally spectacular Cau Vang or Golden Bridge, straddles the scenic, misty Ba Na Hills area.

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Should you buy an off-the-rack suit from a supermarket or discount store?

  • What are the differences between bespoke, made to measure and off the rack?
  • Tailors, fashion bloggers, personal stylists and a psychologist weigh in on the eternal question. South China Morning Post

Shipwrecked Hong Kong sailors’ brush with Indian island tribe that killed US missionary John Allen Chau

  • Crew were being threatened by ‘wild … people carrying spears and arrows’, captain cabled after freighter ran aground off North Sentinel Island
  • 31 sailors, most from Hong Kong, were trapped aboard MV Primrose facing attack by hostile islanders who 37 years later slew US missionary. SCMP.

Vision for success

How clear is the link between sports performance and perfect vision? Optician magazine. Paywalled!


Amid rising global interest in dark tourism, historic graveyards across Australia are being transformed from underutilised public spaces to travel hotspots. Offering theatrical night-time tours that double as history lessons, Melbourne General Cemetery is making death a less taboo topic. Canvas8.