Crunch time: making money from a medieval extreme sport

Bathurst-based entrepreneur Rod Walker promotes what the History Channel calls “the most dangerous collision sport in history”: jousting.

The former coal miner keen on horses graduated to jousting by way of foot combat.

His jousting business, Full Tilt, “kicked off” in 2003.

“Before that, jousting was just a hobby club,” says Walker, 41. Read more at the Sydney Morning Herald..

Top three endurance races

You know you are getting a good workout when you start hallucinating. That actually happens during the world’s most extreme endurance races. The ultra-demanding events push mind and body to their limits and beyond, driving some competitors into the realm of madness. Some contestants report paranoia.

Think you are tough enough to handle that level of pressure? Get a feel for the obstacles presented by the toughest races on earth. Read more at the Adrenalist

The next great adventurer

These men wake every morning with a need to test themselves in ways that would petrify the average weekend warrior. Prepare to meet a crack squad of risk-takers who have carved out new paths under brutal conditions through sheer grit.

One might just get to be the next Bear Grylls – oddly, many of the top contenders come from the UK. Read more at the Adrenalist

Ultra-Extreme: boundary defying sports

“We shouldn’t be calling this risk-taking. We should be calling this normal, and society we should call ‘safety seeking.” Thus sayeth Eric Brymer, a researcher of extreme sports at the Queensland University of Technology in Australia.

“I think a lot of what is going on in society that is negative is because we are not really living what we are capable of living,” he added.

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Five adrenalin fixes you can find soon

The catch with most extreme sports is that they are extremely hard to do. The likes of free running (urban acrobatics), rock climbing and base jumping (low-altitude, high-risk skydiving) demand guts and skill. Screw up and – crunch – you may wind up in the low-adrenaline hell of a hospital: the last place that anyone with a sense of adventure wants to be. Read about five low-stress adrenal fixes at the Adrenalist.

World’s wildest whitewater: seven white-knuckle rides

A class-6 whitewater stretch is ‘unrunnable’: a Niagara Falls wipeout zone. So, this round-up of whitewater hotspots will whisk you to rivers that are slightly less murderous. Class 5 means doable but brutal.

If you decide to ride one, keep your elbows in to avoid smacking anyone in the mouth as you row, during those brief spells when you succeed in staying aboard your inflatable.

Also, always keep your legs tucked in. That way, you avoid bashing your knees against rocks when you spill – as you will if you brave any of the world’s most explosive whitewater stretches. Read more at the Adrenalist.

Inside the Octagon with Akihiro Gono

Mixed martial arts (MMA) makes formidable demands on competitors. Faced with moves including ‘guillotine chokes’, fighters may wind up looking like car crash victims, which explains why sites devoted to MMA have names like and

One of the most legendary figures in the complex sport with the redneck rap is Tokyo showman, Akihiro Gono, 36. Gono is famous for his clever and deceptive fighting style and theatrical entrances into the signature MMA ring coolly called the Octagon.

Learn more about the so-called ‘Japanese sensation’ skilled in fighting forms ranging from the gentle art of judo to ferocious muay-thai. Read the Adrenalist