Rangers rappel Mount Rushmore in epic National Parks challenge

Despite the elements, Mount Rushmore stays in mint condition for one reason: sustained aerial maintenance by the park rangers that patch up the massive sculpted rock.

The park rangers rappel from the top of the 86-year-old monument to patch cracks and install strain gauges near the Abraham Lincoln structure’s nose and hairline.

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Most dangerous invasive species in the US

When an invasive species is introduced to a new ecosystem, the fallout can be dire, but that hasn’t stopped hundreds of exotic animals and plants from finding their way to the U.S.

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Adventures in learning

Straight from his teaching degree, adventurer Andrew Hughes jumped into a kayak instead of a classroom. Hughes then embarked on a 5000-kilometre voyage from Hobart to Cape York, learning as he went.

“I was a really inexperienced sea kayaker,” the University of Tasmania graduate says. Read at the Sydney Morning Herald..

Best tents for extreme camping

Outside of cave-dwelling, camping is the closest we can come to our ancestral means of shelter in the wild. On your next outdoor adventure, these extreme camping tents may prove to be the perfect home in the wilderness.

Camping takes you closer to nature – at one with the elements. You stroll straight out onto the soggy grass to cook in the open air and experience the weather and scents of nature. The farther you go from civilization, the more intense the feelings get. Dangers can arise however, when facing extreme weather or climates. For these situations, you’re going to want some protection that won’t fail even under the worst of storms or temperatures. Read at the Adrenalist.


How to be more tenacious: tenacity tips

How tenacious are you? Do you set goals and stick with them? The missing ingredient in the toolbox of many an athlete is psychological: the desire to win. Sometimes will to win beats skill to win. Here, we showcase five tips on how to be more tenacious.

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Best modern polar explorers

When you think of polar exploration, your mind might turn to hoary greats like Captain Scott and Shackleton. If you thought that society doesn’t make them like that any more, however, you’d be wrong.

This century has its share of hardy mavericks ready to venture into the depths of the Arctic and Antarctica. Meet five of the 21st century’s most intrepid polar explorers: icemen with the heart to keep going when the mercury plummets to epic depths. Read at the Adrenalist..

Extreme around-the-world sailors

The heat is on in the Extreme Sailing Series, which lures some of the world’s top skippers to the shores of Nice, France to race in state-of-the-art 40-foot catamarans. In its sixth season, the adrenaline-fueled series is now “putting guests at the heart of the battle and dramatically increasing the pace on the water,” the organizers say. Extreme sailing began well before the launch of this competition, however.  Throughout the years, male and female sailors alike have pushed their endurance to the limit, boldly rounding the globe under epic conditions more than once.

Here are five of the most extreme around-the-world sailors in history. Read at the Adrenalist..