World wonder knock-offs

These days, anything can be copied – not just handbags and sunnies. Even the world’s greatest wonders are fair game and get replicated. Discover world wonder knock-offs at Ninemsn travel..



Asia’s imperial cities

Proof that nothing lasts forever, crumbling imperial capitals pepper Asia. Mysterious and haunting, the symbols of transience are also a bit on the sad side because they remind us of our own impermanence.

Still, like battlefields and graveyards, ruined imperial cities ooze intrigue and make great fodder for moody photos. Plus, they’re cultural. If you feel bad about slacking at the beach or some rainforest retreat, they offer a spot of elevation. Read more at Agoda…

Adopt a garuda

Once, the temple housed a treasure-trove of gold, silver, gems, pearls and a cow with gilded horns. Built in the 12th century for King Jayavarman VII, Preah Khan in Angkor, northwestern Cambodia, could also accommodate 100,000 people and over 400 gods.

Each god received an allotment of food, clothing, perfume, even mosquito nets. Read more at the Malaysia Star…