World’s wildest ladyboy shows

Ladyboys look increasingly like real women, and thanks to cutting-edge surgery, they can even have their tell-tale Adam’s apples removed. The result: ladyboys often wind up looking just as glamorous and gorgeous as women born as women. In many cases, ladyboys look better. Girls, prepare for the awkward moment when you realise a man might look prettier than you …

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Theatre: A place that pushes your buttons

This is peculiar. A man-eating tiger grinds the last vestiges of flavour from a victim’s braces. An athlete with the face of a Jesus pieta skips floppily, on the edge of collapse. A cat laps at a splatter of poisoned milk then keels over, while a piano playing itself deliriously goes on.

Welcome to the Cabaret Mechanical Theatre. Based in a Covent Garden cellar, its actors are push-button automata (objects that mimic the actions of living things). Since automata pretty much amount for their movements I feel compelled to push every button and witness each character’s furiously obsessive performance. Read more at the Independent…