Book review: The Slaughter, by Ethan Gutmann

Pity anyone who enters China’s penal system for any reason. Even “prisoners of conscience” – Uygurs, Tibetans, Christians and Falun Gong members – are systematically slaughtered inside, according to investigator Ethan Gutmann.. Read at the South China Morning Post


Book review: The Collapse of Western Civilisation

Cast your mind forward to the year 2393. From that vantag, a fictional scholar representing an imagined future China – the Second People’s Republic – laments how the Enlightenment’s children ditched reason during the early 21st century.


Read at the South China Morning Post

Book review: Carnival China: China in the Era of Hu Jintao and Xi Jinping

A 2009 public survey by the state-owned magazine Xiaokang revealed that local government officials were less trusted than prostitutes, writes China wonk Kerry Brown.


Read at the South China Morning Post..

Book review: China’s Second Continent: How a Million Migrants Are Building a New Empire in Africa

Africa has entered a new age of Chinese imperialism, it is said. Prompted by that perception, foreign correspondent Howard French embarks on an epic trek across Africa. Read at the South China Morning Post..

Book review: Clearer Skies Over China

The mainland’s dire air quality has become a relentlessly disturbing news story.  Read at the South China Morning Post..

Five Asian castles

If someone says the magic word ‘castle’, what image springs to mind? Perhaps you think of the mystery-soaked monuments that cast their long shadows across medieval Europe. Or perhaps you think of the English king Arthur and the court of Camelot.

But Europe holds no monopoly on castles. Asia hosts scores. Here are five of Asia’s most striking and strange castles, which transcend bricks-and-mortar, and border on marvellous. Their haunting, massive presence evokes the sound of drums and thunder. Read more at Agoda..




Inside China’s pyramids

Yes, China has pyramids. Read more at Agoda