Top tree climbing camps in the US

To adventurers, climbing trees is a way to celebrate nature and thank the Earth for everything it has given us to explore and conquer – there is no better way to become one with nature than to climb to the top of a giant tree. Read at the Adrenalist..

Best bouldering hotspots in the US

The sport of bouldering involves using no ropes or harnesses – just the boulder itself.

Check out the best bouldering locations in the U.S.

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Best climbing walls

Few, if any, physical activities are as great for your personal fitness as rock climbing. Not only does it strengthen your core, but it enables you to build lean muscle and flexibility. Thanks to rock climbing walls, which allow just about anyone to take a crack at climbing, the sport is just as accessible as it is beneficial.

Rock wall climbing was born in the UK, invented in 1964 by physical education lecturer Don Robinson, who built a proto-rock wall by sticking bits of rock in a hallway for his students to practice on. The first commercial wall arose in Sheffield, England’s traditional climbing center. Then the sport gradually gathered steam and spread across the world.

If you’re looking to try your luck at climbing, here are the best American rock walls you should visit. Read more at the Adrenalist..

Jim Davidson’s deadly crevasse fall

Imagine how it feels to tumble into an 80-foot crevasse.

Travel back 20 years. On June 21, 1992, climber Jim Davidson and his rope partner, Mike Price, were climbing Mt. Rainier, and they did just that.

Price died. Through steely will, Davidson survived and now gives talks on how to rally against adversity over atSpeakingOfAdventure. Here, the 49-year-old based in the Rocky Mountains’ foothills sheds light on life and survival.

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How it feels to climb Everest

The thought of climbing Mount Everest first crossed her mind in late 2003 when she was 31. Fiona Adler wound up climbing Everest just 18 months later with the help of sherpa Mingma and her partner Paul. The climb took “2.5 months” including acclimatization and good weather window waits.

Find out how the hardcore Australian hiker, an admirer of old-school climbers like Edmund Hillary and George Mallory, succeeded.

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Ed Viesturs: extreme climber, adventurer and author

When high-altitude climber Ed Viesturs was at high-school in the flatlands of Illinois, water towers loomed highest on the horizon. But the young Viesturs was inspired to climb by the French climber Maurice Herzog’s story of the first ascent of Everest’s formidably difficult sister, Annapurna in 1950.

When Viesturs launched his drive to climb the world’s 14 highest peaks in the late 1980s, he brooded on the challenge that Annapurna posed.

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