Fixie benefits: why you should ride a fixed gear bike

A fixed-gear bike, commonly known as a “fixie,” has a drivetrain with no freewheel mechanism – no freewheeling means an incredible cardiovascular workout every time you pump the pedals. Read at the Adrenalist..


Varibike: the bike you pedal with your hands

Normally, riding a bike means a lower-body workout, but with the Varibike, you can get a lot more out of your daily ride. Read at the Adrenalist..

What is Wines2Whales?

What do gentle ocean giants have in common with a drink made from grapes? The answer is cycling: whales and wine come together in South Africa’s three-day, 230km Wines2Whales event consisting of adventure on Nov. 2-4 and a race on Nov. 9-11.

Extreme cyclists

Oct. 27 is the day of the Lowell 50, a classic old world-style cycling road race. This Michigan event takes competitors on a 28- or 50-mile-long ride along the banks of the Flat River and through rural Ionia County on largely unpaved roads. The rough gravel surface probably makes the ride feel five times longer than it is. This race, however, isn’t quite on par with some recent cycling journeys undertaken by riders pushing the limits of the sport.

Meet six of today’s most extreme cyclists.


Great Southern Randonnee

Start stretching your hamstrings and chugging your isotonic sports drink of choice for the Great Southern Randonnee. The Oct. 29th bike ride, now in its fifth year, takes riders through the most gorgeous scenery offered by the Australian state of Victoria’s west coast. Think the heritage-listed Great Ocean Road, Surf Coast, Otway Ranges National Park, the Twelve Apostles (a gaggle of giant off-shore limestone stacks), Shipwreck Coast and Grampians National Park. Read at the Adrenalist..

Gravel grinding: a new way to race

The sport of gravel grinding involves cycling over the grit and dirt of often unpaved backroads. Some like to ride casually, but those with a competitive edge can participate in races organized by various enthusiasts and organizations throughout the country.

The Funk 50, put on by Funk Bottoms Gravel, took place on October 6, with a 60-mile ride through Ohio based on rules from the Pirate Cycling League, offering the winning prize of a “hobo stove.” Read more at the Adrenalist..

Isle of Wight Cycling Festival

Britain’s sleepy and sedate Isle of Wight wakes up in a big way when it hosts its autumn Cycling Festival, which will run this year from September 22 to 30.

Some 5,000 cyclists typically roll up for the festival. The challenges they face include the Cycle the Wight, which involves cycling a  15, 50 or 70 mile route in aid of the British Heart Foundation and the hardcore Hills KillerMountain Bike challenge, which is all about navigating a series of checkpoints over 3 hills, 7 hills or 14 hills. Read more at the Adrenalist..