Extreme forms of soccer

Are you ready for Euro 2012? The 14th European Championship for national football teams will be hosted by Poland and Ukraine from June 8 to July 1. The contest is huge – the second biggest deal in soccer after the illustrious World Cup.

You need to understand, however, that the wildly popular brand of soccer we all know and love is not the only one. Dotted around the planet, there are all kinds of captivating soccer variants. Discover some off-the-beaten-path ways the game is played and maybe you’ll have a newfound love for your favorite sport. Read more at the Adrenalist..


Australia: Luna Park Sydney

You can see the eerie smiling face from Circular Quay, on the other side of the harbor. The face is enshrined at the entrance to that sprawling Sydney fun house, Luna Park.

Dizzyingly weird, Luna Park gives that better-known Circular Quay attraction, the Opera House, a run for its money. Hence the repeated interest of filmmakers, documentary makers and TV directors. For instance, an episode of the iconic Aussie TV series Skippy the Bush Kangaroo was filmed there.

Learn more about the retro attraction set at Milsons Point on Sydney’s elegant North Shore. The attraction, which dates back to 1935, has a rich, dark past that should mean it is haunted, if ghosts exist. Read more at Agoda

Asia’s Magic Kingdom: Hong Kong Disneyland

A recent Hong Kong Standard headline read: ‘Fun parks go for same theme – price hikes.’ The Standard reported that, like another Hong Kong attraction, Ocean Park, Hong Kong Disneyland plans to hike prices – from HK$350 (adult peak, day ticket) up to a figure nudging HK$400, partly because of plans to expand the theme park.

For those who buy into the magic embodied by Tinkerbell and her starry wand, this forecast rise is inconsequential. In the field of classic folktales sprinkled with fairies and talking animals, nobody offers more wow factor than Disney.

Like any good fairytale, however, the story of Hong Kong Disneyland is not without woe. The park, which stands on the island of Lantau at the Pearl River’s mouth, has had its share of teething troubles. Read more at Agoda


Pins and Needles – Sydney Morning Herald

Bowling presents a multitude of challenges, including an overkill of ’80s music.

‘Oh dear, missed!” says a sad cartoon face on the score screen above my lane at Mascot’s hangar-like Manhattan Superbowl. The face brings to mind the tearful animated duck that stomps across the screen in televised cricket when a batsman is out for 0. Read more at Sydney Morning Herald…

June 6, 2007 10:39 PM