How to handle a manipulative employee

In the fraught field of office politics, that viper the arch manipulator seems to pose a particularly virulent threat. And you might not notice the damage until it’s too late.

“Usually, the signs that someone is manipulating you are subtle and almost imperceptible,” says business psychologist Christopher Shen.

But it never hurts to trust your instincts, says Shen, who warns to watch out for odd gestures or facial expressions, or clear signs of disrespect.

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Bad blood: how to deal with partnership conflict

In a small business, when tension arises between you and your partner there’s nowhere to hide.

But tackling tension takes guts, so instead you may snipe or squabble: risky behaviour given that the business collapse rate is at its highest since the global financial crisis, according to the Australian Securities and Investment Commission’s latest annual report.

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The most degrading thing I ever did for money: entrepreneurs confess

Hollywood director Bobcat Goldthwait recently confessed stooping to playing the voice of a talking Walmart fruitcake. Have you ever sunk to such depths? Four entrepreneurs confess the most degrading things they ever did for money.

First, Albury-Wodonga-based consultant Tanya Honeychurch admits that she went to the bank and withdrew $6,000 in savings from the accounts of her “beautiful” sons aged 7 and 8. The money, which she deposited, was the beginning of an education fund for them.

Honeychurch felt “disgusted” and “sick” about recouping the money, which she spent on her website and an exhibit for the Reinvent Your Career Expo in Melbourne in June. Read more at the Sydney Morning Herald..

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Typhoon tycoon: the storm-chasing entrepreneur

Serial entrepreneur Vincent Teubler, 47, embodies the saying “expect the unexpected”. Teubler’s “résumé” spans the spectrum. Sparkling highlights include television wildlife presenter, surfboard designer and documentary maker. His documentary production firm is developing two films. One, In the Path of Monsters, addresses global warming-caused extreme storms; the other, Megadiversity, takes the viewer on “a global wildlife quest”.

Teubler is also responsible for a string of recruitment firms developed between 1994 and 2007, including TRA Australia and Payworks, which merged into a 100-million revenue recruitment giant.

After selling the venture, Teubler focused on establishing a range of “personal interest ventures”. Think a budding iPhone app concept builder, an “education-focused” virtual world called Gogofrog, and an ink-and-toner franchise, Inkspot Franchising.
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Turbocharge your productivity: entrepreneurs’ top fitness tips

Forget glugging coffee. When it comes to boosting alertness, nothing beats exercise, judging by recent Canadian-American research confirmed by sporty tycoon Richard Branson.

“Work out,” Branson tells productivity guru Tim Ferriss in Ferriss’ landmark fitness guide The 4-Hour Body, when asked for his top output tip. Branson, who does all kinds of exercise, adds that it gives him at least four extra hours of productivity each day.

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From fart to fab: start-up app development secrets

The apps market can be hugely lucrative. Consider the happy fate of the New York-based social game developer OMGPOP, maker of the smart phone art game Draw Something. On March 22, news surfaced that Zynga, the San Francisco-based developer of social games such as FarmVille had bought OMGPOP.

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Gold fever: how to be a gold prospector

The price of gold has continued to climb for the past 11 years. The precious metal synonymous with wealth has reached giddy heights, making now a tempting time to have a crack at gold prospecting like a go-getter from the hit Discovery series Gold Rush.

The director of Gold Prospecting Australia, Mark Hyde, estimates that, already, this country has 20,000 gold prospectors. Read more at the Melbourne Age..