Review: Sacred Mountains: How the Revival of Daoism is Turning China’s Ecological Recovery Around

Cities are draped in smog for ever-longer periods and rivers are turning black, red and yellow as waste is dumped in. Meanwhile, algae merrily sprout, writes green business guru Allerd Stikker in his spiritually slanted assessment of China’s pollution crisis. Read at the South China Morning Post..

The scoop on Earth’s best friend

Could dog poo or a solar sponge help a carbon-choked world? David Wilson speaks to innovators who have stepped on some inventive green ideas.

In light of spiralling carbon dioxide levels swelled by our 200-year binge on fossil fuel, the need for clean energy seems increasingly urgent.

So, here we highlight the work of two of Australia’s most inventive green engineers.


Read at the Sydney Morning Herald..

Toying with trash: green start-up guru redefines garbage

Melbourne inventor Paul Justin, 37, sells what could be the “best toy ever”, according to Wired blogger Charlie Sorrel. Justin’s toy, Makedo, is a reusable, clip-based connector kit including a ‘safe-saw’.

Made in China, where Justin has contacts, Makedo is sold in 40-plus countries and graces Selfridges, the Tate, and the Guggenheim, according to Justin’s publicist. The product easily enables you or your child to play Santa elf, and build anything from a cardboard dog to a spaceship, with boxes, plastic containers, loo rolls: whatever you rescue from your recycle bin. Read more at the Sydney Morning Herald.




Laidback in Laos

High humidity and crackling energy – a storm is brewing over Vang Vieng in northern Laos and refuses to break.

Peeking through a tattered rip in the clouds, the sun throbs. Bathed in sweat, we file across the footbridge spanning the three-street village’s most notable feature, the Nam Song River. Read more at the Malaysia Star…

Australia’s floods: a climate change link?

The flood-ravaged Australian state of Queensland faces a rebuilding task of “post-war proportions,” with swathes of it still underwater. But floating on the surface of the catastrophe is a refreshed debate about climate science and a government response that some say is nothing short of ironic.

Observers note that Prime Minister Julia Gillard has decided to divert climate-mitigation money to pay for the damage, and the country’s clean energy industry is reeling from the blow to its potential finances. Read more at Solveclimatenews…

Mr Cool: solar wizard lights up the world

Development wiz Stewart Craine, 35, is “flat out” chasing capital.

Any second, Craine, who co-runs the Bathurst, NSW-based renewable energy firm Barefoot Power must hop on a flight to the Indian megacity of Ahmadabad. His mission: to negotiate a possible contract with a large NGO and the World Bank.

The driven but droll high-flier, who says he has no life and that his dream is never to work so hard again, does a saintly job, supplying third-world families with solar kits that provide cheap power and light. The kits cut the need for costly, dirty, flammable kerosene. Read more at the Age….