Best river surfing hotspots in the world: the Severn Bore and more

If you think the ocean is the only place made for surfing, these awesome river surfing hotspots just might change your mind.

Toward the end of April, flooding hit Michigan and prompted some adventurers to exploit the record-breaking river levels to go surfing. Opportunistic Adrenalists took advantage of this moment, but many rivers across the world flow with waves ready to be shredded throughout the year. Join us on a recon of some of the best river surfing hotspots in the world. Read at the Adrenalist..





How to build fast-twitch muscles – fast twitch training


If you thought muscle is muscle, think again. Essentially, muscle breaks down into two kinds: slow-twitch (type I) and fast-twitch (type II). Slow-twitch muscles work well if you run marathons, but if you want to achieve fast, explosive movement you need bigger, high-velocity, fast-twitch muscle fibers. Read at the Adrenalist..

How to build stamina for running

f a prize existed for the world’s most bluntly named marathon, the Aalborg Brutal Marathon might win it. The marathon is slated to take place in the industrial city of Aalborg, Denmark on Mar 29. According to the Danish website, the marathon with a charging rhino logo stretches for 42 grueling kilometers – enough to test the stamina of even the fittest athletes.

Here are three simple tips that will teach you how to build your stamina for running and outlast the competition. Read at the Adrenalist..

What is a microlight aircraft? Ultralight

If you have ever dreamed about flying like a bird for long distances, a microlight can you take you close to that sensation. Read at the Adrenalist..

Extreme street luge starter guide

Picture sliding down a street feet-first on a plank at more than 60 miles per hour. That, in a nutshell, is street luge.

Street luge emerged in Southern California as downhill skateboarders found that they could go faster by assuming the position. Fast forward to 1975 when the first professional race unfolded at Signal Hill, California, run by the U.S. Skateboard Association. The winner was decided on speed. Read at the Adrenalist..

Waterfall rappelling

Picture standing with your back to a thunderous 100-meter waterfall. You have a harness, a helmet and maybe a raincoat and a waterproof camera. Read at the Adrenalist..



Increase endurance and energy with three natural energy supplements

On Feb. 25, one of the most punishing events in the action sports calendar unfolded: the Sahara Marathon.  Set in Al Ayoun, Algeria, the event was complete with a piles of stones, flags and other makeshift markers.

The unforgiving 42km length of the main marathon and the inevitable blistering heat causes competitors to utilize any endurance supplements they can for some extra kick to help them do more. Let’s take a look at 3 amazing foods and juices that can help you increase your endurance and energy naturally.