Sex and Zen: Asia’s naughtiest night spots

Forget about Asia’s sappy romantic honeymoon islands. Asia also hosts some of the world’s most luridly lively party zones that make for a heady brew of hedonism.
Such a concept might not be to everyone’s taste, in which case, you’d be advised to steer clear and perhaps stop reading now. But otherwise, come on a tawdry tour of some of Asia’s steamiest districts — neon hives of vice haunted by hookers and dubious characters with names like “Fletch the Letch”. Read more at ninemsn.

World’s deadliest waves

Few sights in nature are scarier than a skyscraper wave roaring in from the horizon. Debate rages about which insanely big wave with a regular presence is the world’s most destructive. Find out about some top monster contenders, some of which rise 40m or more.

Just to heighten the menace, the waters where some mega-waves break feature razor-sharp coral reefs plus sharks. And you thought mountaineering was dicey. Read more at ninemsn…

Water war

The world’s wildest water fights can be witnessed in Thailand during Songkran Festival. Everyone’s fair game when the water starts splashing.

Chiang Mai, Songkran festival: This is war. From the shadows of downtown Loi Kroh Street, two bar girls emerge and gleefully empty buckets of icy water over my head.

In a sense, this comes as no surprise. After all, today is the first day of Thailand’s Songkran water festival that officially lasts from April 13-15. In fact, three days before, makeshift stalls had suddenly mushroomed here in Chiang Mai, Songkran’s quasi-spiritual heart, prompting itchy, trigger-happy types to snap up gaily coloured pump-action water rifles. Read more here at the Malaysia Star…