World’s wildest ladyboy shows

Ladyboys look increasingly like real women, and thanks to cutting-edge surgery, they can even have their tell-tale Adam’s apples removed. The result: ladyboys often wind up looking just as glamorous and gorgeous as women born as women. In many cases, ladyboys look better. Girls, prepare for the awkward moment when you realise a man might look prettier than you …

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Sex and Zen: Asia’s naughtiest night spots

Forget about Asia’s sappy romantic honeymoon islands. Asia also hosts some of the world’s most luridly lively party zones that make for a heady brew of hedonism.
Such a concept might not be to everyone’s taste, in which case, you’d be advised to steer clear and perhaps stop reading now. But otherwise, come on a tawdry tour of some of Asia’s steamiest districts — neon hives of vice haunted by hookers and dubious characters with names like “Fletch the Letch”. Read more at ninemsn.

How to spot a ladyboy

Sooner or later, it happens to any straight single male away in Asia. That busty, alabaster vision of beauty enveloped in a cloud of perfume proves to be part- or entirely female. He/she is a ladyboy, aka katoey, to use the Thai word.

Any traveller can be wrong-footed. Ladyboys are often convincingly stunning — Cleopatras without the obvious virility traits that make many Western cross-dressers so obvious. Read more at ninemsn…