Weird London wedding spots

If you want to get married at Westminster Abbey like Prince William and Kate Middleton, tough luck — it’s not on. Still,London hosts all kinds of eccentric upmarket alternatives, and here are some of the coolest — and slightly unconventional — spots to tie the knot with a difference. Read more at ninemsn…

Theatre: A place that pushes your buttons

This is peculiar. A man-eating tiger grinds the last vestiges of flavour from a victim’s braces. An athlete with the face of a Jesus pieta skips floppily, on the edge of collapse. A cat laps at a splatter of poisoned milk then keels over, while a piano playing itself deliriously goes on.

Welcome to the Cabaret Mechanical Theatre. Based in a Covent Garden cellar, its actors are push-button automata (objects that mimic the actions of living things). Since automata pretty much amount for their movements I feel compelled to push every button and witness each character’s furiously obsessive performance. Read more at the Independent…

London guide to St Paul’s Cathedral

If St Paul’s Cathedral had feelings, it might be feeling confused, jealous even. The reason: the cathedral was snubbed as the venue for the April 29th wedding-of-the-century between Prince William and Kate Middleton. Westminster Abbey won that honor.

According to rumor, enlisting St Paul’s would have troubled Prince William, raising the spectre of the 1981 St Paul’s Cathedral wedding between Prince Charles and Diana.

Irrespective of whether the rumor is true, St Paul’s looks set just to play a cameo royal wedding role, popping up on the procession route. To make it up to St Paul’s, this week this blog will give the domed, radiant landmark the attention it merits.

St Paul’s is surprisingly deep – a past arena for dramatic events reaching back into Britain’s feisty, murky history. The facts suggest that, if you understand St Paul’s character, you have a handle on the whole country. Read more… [Agoda]