Sepaktakraw: Thai kick volleyball

Few, if any, sports have more wow factor than kick volleyball. Strictly known as Sepaktakraw — a cross of the Malay word for “kick” and the Thai word for “woven ball” — it is electrifying.

Infused with Parkour-style cool, Sepaktakraw mixes soccer and volleyball with gymnastics. Oh, and there’s a touch of martial arts in there, too, which is why it has been called “Kung Fu Volleyball”. It looks tricky, doesn’t it?

It is. See if you can think of a sport that demands more skill and has a higher entry level. The Huffington Post says that it might just be the world’s toughest sport. Read more at the Adrenalist..

Frontier Fever: Mae Sai, Thailand

THE plan was to visit Myanmar. But, as they say, “Man proposes, God disposes.”

During the four-hour ride to the Thai border town of Mae Sai from Chiang Mai, I become fixated with my passport visa’s inky date and feel conflicted. The plan is to cross the border with my travel buddy, a moustached former rodeo rider and Vietnam vet with a thing for the border town’s equation on the north side, Tachileik.

But only six more days on my Thai visa remain. A kind of greed, a visa vice, sets in. I cannot face “wasting” those precious days by crossing the border today. So I decide to bail – shelve Myanmar – and stay in Mae Sai, which sits at Thailand’s northernmost tip. Read more at the Star…

Seven sites for sore eyes

These Asian marvels might not be the best known but the ‘wow’ factor is huge, writes David Wilson.

Forget the Taj Mahal and all the other established, over-run Asian wonders. The East boasts a swathe of heavyweight attractions that possess equal charm but have yet to catch up on the glamour and recognition front. Read more at The Brisbane Times…

July 23, 2009

Every dog has its prey

Watch your step … Georgetown, Penang.

It’s not the cars you have to watch for when crossing the road here, writes David Wilson.

The dog sinks its fangs into my ankle. My scream pauses traffic here at Georgetown, the boisterous commercial core of Penang Island off the coast of Peninsular Malaysia.

Only now, raked by the eyes of appalled passing motorcyclists, does the elderly man overseeing the dog finally tie it.

Great. What a day. Read more at The Sydney Morning Herald…


May 24, 2009

Asia’s Top Holiday Destinations

Where to next? David Wilson nominates Asia’s emerging destinations.

So you’ve done Phuket, Bali and the other sandy Asian resorts. You have explored Bangkok’s temples and space-age malls, and dined in the skyscrapers of Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur. Or you know travellers who can tick those boxes and you feel reluctant to follow the herd. What next?

Australians seeking to dodge the backpacking masses are looking for destinations that aren’t mainstream. They might even “need work”. Read more at The Sydney Morning Herald…

November 2, 2008–interests/adventure/asias-top-new-destinations/2008/10/30/1224956214069.html