How zealous psychiatrists are diagnosing quirks as mental illness

Today it seems that almost everyone is certifiably mad. According to critics, amateur and professional psychiatrists are routinely guilty of “diagnostic inflation”: turning normal people into mental patients with alphabet soup diagnoses. In a new book, America’s Obsessives, author Joshua Kendall argues that many great people have been shaped by obsessive compulsive personality disorder. Read at the South China Morning Post.

Stressbuster: the shrink for entrepreneurs

Stressed? If, in the twitchy run-up to tax time your start-up is driving you mad, you might want to visit psychologist Peter Shallard’s site.

The self-styled “shrink” for entrepreneurs, who says his age is irrelevant to his work, started out as a psychotherapist tackling anxiety, depression, addictions: the “stuff of dark places”. In 2006, he shifted to business psychology, inspired by a flight-phobic client, who said Shallard’s insight could benefit business.

Now, Shallard has one biz psych practice in Sydney and another in Auckland. Read more at the Age…