Why optimistic people are more likely to be duped

In the first six months of 2015 Australians were fleeced of $45 million. The loss raises questions about how you avoid being scammed and the secret could be to get grumpy.
Sad subjects are better judges of deception than happy ones, according to a University of New South Wales study cited by 100-plus sources.

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Money to burn has a rich history

Twenty years ago, British hell-raisers Jimmy Cauty and Bill Drummond gave the phrase “money to burn” new meaning through a dramatic act: incinerating £1 million.

The two Britons — the stars of the experimental rock group, KLF — committed the act on 23 August 1994, burning the bulk of their funds on a Scottish island.

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Why electronic banking transactions can take so much time

On paper, it seems ridiculous. You send some money via electronic banking and the transaction apparently goes into limbo – overseas payments can be especially slow, reaching intended recipients after up to five business days, which can effectively mean a week.

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Love not lucre: avoid the gold-diggers

If you thought gold-digging was an exclusively female pursuit, think again.

Money has an aphrodisiac effect on men, according to dating site AYI.com.

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Book review: Capital: The Eruption of Delhi, by Rana Dasgupta

Welcome to Delhi, the Indian capital with a population of 16 million. In his third book, Commonwealth prize-winning observer Rana Dasgupta uses the mega-city as a vehicle for examining a key trend: the growth of the global elite.

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Road to riches paved with good habits

So you want to be more than just rich in experience – seriously cashed-up? The obvious ploy is to play the lottery, but the odds of hitting the jackpot are one in 8 million, according to lottery strategist Gail Howard. What is more, with modern medicine, your wealthy parents just might outlive you. So you need an independent investment strategy anchored in canny habits. Here are some that should boost your wealth, if you muster the discipline to adopt them.

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Jingling pockets could bring on a headache

Money, money, money – how much do you dwell on the stuff? Excessive desire for money robs people of their humanity, according to the famously frugal Pope, who recently suspended a ”bling bishop” for alleged lavish spending.

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