Five new apps to turbocharge your business

One easy way to breathe life into your business is to enlist a top-tier app. A powerful app with a strong productivity slant can dramatically boost efficiency.

You may well already know about star contenders such as the storage utility Dropbox, the accounting program Xero, and the internet telephony service Skype. Here is a shortlist of lesser known apps that just might work wonders for you and your business.

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Rise and shine: how to maximise your morning

Productivity blogs drone on about how we should constantly take action. But it’s hard to prise yourself off the mattress and spring into action straight away — especially if you habitually dither, as 20 per cent of us do, according to psychologist Joseph Ferrari.

So here’s some personal insight into making a bright, productive start from three entrepreneurs who know how to maximise the morning. Read more at the Sydney Morning Herald..





Turbocharge your productivity: entrepreneurs’ top fitness tips

Forget glugging coffee. When it comes to boosting alertness, nothing beats exercise, judging by recent Canadian-American research confirmed by sporty tycoon Richard Branson.

“Work out,” Branson tells productivity guru Tim Ferriss in Ferriss’ landmark fitness guide The 4-Hour Body, when asked for his top output tip. Branson, who does all kinds of exercise, adds that it gives him at least four extra hours of productivity each day.

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Seven free productivity tools

The web is a thrifter’s paradise. The giant network teems with free applications that tackle everything from spyware to website building.

Yes, free stuff has dodgy associations. You may recall those free but trashy plastic gifts once routinely stuck in cereal packets. The modern equivalent is the spam that promises you a free laptop but only brings more junk mail messages. Read more at the Age…

The 9-to-5 happy hour

Don’t let morale go the way of the economy, adopt these spirit-lifting strategies.

The assumption that happiness and productivity go together appears hard to contest. Common sense suggests that psychologically healthy, as opposed to complacent, workers with a smile outshine grouches.
Support for that view comes from a raft of research including a Kansas State University study that surfaced earlier this year, which found that staff with high wellbeing make better decisions, show superior interpersonal skills and are less inclined to quit.

According to Harvard Business School research, workers in a good mood on any given day are more likely to have creative ideas that day and the next. A positive cognitive process sets in, sparking “flexible, fluent and original thinking”. Read more at The Sydney Morning Herald….

16 May 2009