Stress envy

Frantically busy? Stress has been called “today’s essential badge of status and success”. In fact, stress sparks such awe that analysts talk of “stress envy”.

Stress envy means the office workaholic verging on burnout could be treated as a role model. Apparently, it is impressive to be wedded to 24-hour connectivity. Apparently, it is cool to multitask like a maniac, yapping into a mobile phone while grappling with social media updates and directing the intern.

Such intense displays of commitment can be seen as bragging because they show the showoff is in demand – a winner. Read more at the Sydney Morning Herald..



Chase the dragon: Halong Bay, Vietnam

A sudden beam of light illuminates our coach and sparks a debate. Camera flash or lightning, we wonder on the way to Halong Bay in Northern Vietnam’s Qu ng Ninh province.

Steady rain I associate more with Ireland than Indochina smears the w indows. But we can still see signs praising the “marvellous beauty” of the Unesco site.

Routinely lauded in travel shows, Halong is a three-hour drive from the Vietnamese capital, Hanoi. Read more at the Malaysia Star…