How to time social media posts right

You know the feeling: a would-be viral social media post you wrote flops, utterly failing to kick up the buzz you foresaw. The reason for the wash-out might not be that your post sucked, it could simply be bad timing.

No matter how smart the post you type for Twitter or Facebook seems, if you send it when your would-be mass audience has checked out, your update may vanish without a trace. For your post to hit its mark, you must time it right. Read more at the Sydney Morning Herald.. 



Customers not buying? What to do now

Zero sales? Nothing is more depressing or humiliating than a total lack of consumer interest – a likely state given fragile consumer confidence.

Marketing expert Cian McLoughlin runs a boutique sales advisory business, which means many of his clients “are grappling with lack of sales and cash-tills which just aren’t ringing”, McLoughlin says. But he is optimistic.

“Whether you’re a plumber, a type-setter or a multi-national business, the fundamentals of sales don’t change too dramatically,” he says.

Cian.Marketing guru Cian McLoughlin.

Here are some tips on how to rake in the dollars whatever your business and the retail outlook. Story live at the Sydney Morning Herald..

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Twitter’s business brilliance: how to write viral marketing Tweets

Twitter is the best digital mechanism for convincing customers to buy – better than email and Facebook, according to a consumer survey conducted by marketing firm ExactTarget.

Twitter evangelists portray the snappy, 140-character social media platform as a “marketing powerhouse”.

If you scour the web for viral marketing tweets, however, few relevant hits roll up, suggesting that Twitter works best when just used persistently, as a cricketer nudges singles. Still, some tweets cut it more than others.

Read more at the Sydney Morning Herald.

Ten Twitter tips and tricks

Once a seemingly pointless platform for talking about what you had for breakfast, Twitter boldly evolved into a social media sensation. At last count, according to tech journal Mashable, the platform that limits your utterances to 140 characters had over 200 million users. That is an awful lot of “tweeple”.

When did you last try to reach some? Two social media experts explain how small business owners can channel Twitter’s tiny might. Read more at the Sydney Morning Herald..

10 ways Google + can boost your brand

So you use Facebook and the like for promotion, but have you tangoed with Google+? The budding addition to your social media toolkit launched with fanfare on June 28.

Google+ is more exclusive than most other social networking sites. To join Google+, you need to be 18, hold a Gmail account and be invited to the party.

Despite the hurdles, Google+ now has over 10 million users, says Google spokeswoman Kate Mason. That is nothing compared with Facebook, which has some 600 million. Read more at the Sydney Morning Herald.