Water war

The world’s wildest water fights can be witnessed in Thailand during Songkran Festival. Everyone’s fair game when the water starts splashing.

Chiang Mai, Songkran festival: This is war. From the shadows of downtown Loi Kroh Street, two bar girls emerge and gleefully empty buckets of icy water over my head.

In a sense, this comes as no surprise. After all, today is the first day of Thailand’s Songkran water festival that officially lasts from April 13-15. In fact, three days before, makeshift stalls had suddenly mushroomed here in Chiang Mai, Songkran’s quasi-spiritual heart, prompting itchy, trigger-happy types to snap up gaily coloured pump-action water rifles. Read more here at the Malaysia Star…


Five Dazzling Asian Celebrations

Just try to imagine a simpler basis for a party than chucking buckets of water at people’s heads. That is the essence of Songkran, the giant water fight that embodies Thailand’s national ethos: sanuk (fun).

Along with Songkran, this post takes a sideways glance at several other weird-and-wonderful Asian festivals. Irrespective of religious overtones, many have a touch of anarchy about them. They serve up pure primal fun that makes the likes of Christmas and Easter look solemn and staid. Read More…