Stupid mistakes every start-up owner makes

The hilarious star of the spoof start-up Vooza deliberately acts dumb and promotes stupid behaviour. Witness the recent Vooza video advising budding start-up gurus to pretend to be birds.

Presumably, your start-up pursues more intelligent strategies. Still, doubtless, you commit your share of mistakes. Read at the Sydney Morning Herald..

The ultralight start-up: how to launch a business without clout or capital

Launching a start-up is easier than ever. But, because entry barriers verge on non-existent and everyone wants to be the next Facebook, Twitter or Dropbox, competition is fierce.

The intensity raises the question of how you stand out, especially if you lack clout or capital. A new business guide by Bloomberg business wiz Jason Baptiste, The Ultralight Startup, shows that you do not need an MBA, a trust fund, or even experience running your own firm to become a tech world star.

One of Baptiste’s success tips is that you should build a product you need – Foursquare founder Dennis Crowley built an early model of his product because he wanted to keep in touch with ex-colleagues.  Read more at the Sydney Morning Herald..

Twitter’s business brilliance: how to write viral marketing Tweets

Twitter is the best digital mechanism for convincing customers to buy – better than email and Facebook, according to a consumer survey conducted by marketing firm ExactTarget.

Twitter evangelists portray the snappy, 140-character social media platform as a “marketing powerhouse”.

If you scour the web for viral marketing tweets, however, few relevant hits roll up, suggesting that Twitter works best when just used persistently, as a cricketer nudges singles. Still, some tweets cut it more than others.

Read more at the Sydney Morning Herald.

Bah humbug! Scrooge start-ups: small money, big results

During the festive season, the mention of thrift raises the spectre of Ebeneezer Scrooge: the grasping grouch at the heart of that classic attack on compulsive frugality, A Christmas Carol.

But, experts agree, spending too much on overheads is one of the most common causes of business failure. So, despite the Scrooge stigma, miserly leanings may be a virtue. Read more at the Sydney Morning Herald

Australia’s coolest business names

Stuck for a business name? Choosing one is meant to be a creative, enjoyable process but can be hell because most names that leap to mind are bland, irrelevant or tacky.

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