The surfboard kickflip: Zoltan Torkos and surfing’s holy grail

Who would’ve known that one of the hardest moves in surfing is the relatively simple skateboarding kickflip?

To pull off a kickflip, the rider kicks his foot out and flips the board 360 degrees. On land, the kickflip is far from one of the toughest skateboarding tricks, but when performing a surfboard kickflip, the required skill is amplified due to the motion of the water and size of the board.

In fact, the surfing kickflip is so hard that it has scarcely ever been done on a board amid the waves. Read at the Adrenalist..

Best goofy foot surfers

From Nov. 30 to Dec. 2, Malaysia was host to the Terengganu RIP CURL Pro 2012, the first ever 6-star Asian Surfing Championship to take place there. With surfers from all over Southeast Asia competing, some crushed waves with the standard “regular foot” (left foot forward) stance, while others took the “goofy foot” (right foot forward) approach.

The offbeat, goofy foot style gives surfers an intriguing edge – which many have used throughout the years to snag some pretty impressive wins.

Here are five goofy foot surfing champions. Read at the Adrenalist..


The best of the Surfer’s Hall of Fame


On August 3, three phenomenal surfers – Rabbit Kekai, Dane Reynolds and Andy Verdone – will be inducted into the Surfer’s Hall of Fame.


The athletes will immortalize their hands and footprints in cement at Huntington Beach, California, just like movie stars leaving their mark at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard. This year, the Hall of Fame event marks its 15th anniversary. Here are the greatest surfers enshrined in its cement. Read more at the Adrenalist..

Extreme board sports

This July 6-8, crowds will be gathering at Wakestock: Europe’s biggest wakeboarding music festival. The event unfolds at Abersoch, Cardigan Bay in North Wales — with wakeboarding by day and performances by top musicians and DJs by night.

Besides getting people pumped to rock out when the sun sets, the sport featured during this epic weekend underlines that there is more to surfing than carving waves on a traditional board. But it’s not surfing’s only spin-off.

Here is some intel on five adrenaline-fueled board sports. Read more at the Adrenalist..

The man who rode the world’s biggest wave

The viral YouTube clip is stupendous. The clip shows Hawaiian big wave surfer Garrett McNamara coolly surfing a vast black wave rearing up from the break at North Canyon, Nazare, Portugal. The international surf industry and wave experts pegged the wave at 90 feet: an apparent world record.

Read more at the Adrenalist.

History of surfing

If you have ever wondered what sets waves in motion, here is the answer: random violence of varying intensity. Everything from earthquakes to ship wakes spawns waves. Still, the standard spark is the wind. As the wind wafts over the sea, friction makes its surface ripple or rear up depending on how much oomph the wind has. Simple.

How surfing came to be is more complicated. You wonder whose bright idea it was to ride a plank on moving towers of water – a zany activity when you think about it. Read more at the Adrenalist..



Liquid Everest: a closer look at Maverick’s

The waves at the Californian surf hub Maverick’s vary from impressive and astonishing to unrideable. Some soar 80 feet, making Maverick’s one of the world’s wildest places to catch a ride.

“The Super Bowl of big wave surfing” Can produce waves that soar over 80 feet.

The intel below draws on the new book The Voodoo Wave by surf seer Mark Kreidler, who profiles the hub and the high-performance adrenaline athletes it lures. Read more at the Adrenalist

River surfing

Just like ocean surfing, river surfing is a blast. But river surfing differs in one key respect. Whereas ocean rollers fizzle out, the typical river wave keeps going yet stays in the same position, something surfers call a “standing wave”.

Essentially, you can swing in from the side, hitched to a rope. Or you can start a little upstream and clamber on backwards. Read more at ninemsn…