Ten tips to lower your blood pressure

You know the routine: you walk into the examining room, perch on the table, and roll up your sleeve. Your healthcare practitioner inflates the cuff until it feels oppressively snug.

Read at the South China Morning Post.

How to stay calm under pressure

Everyone, including professional athletes, feels pressure. Gutsy athletes like Aussie free-diver Christina Saenz de Santamaria and radical rope swinger Devin Supertramp, however, handle the triggered burst of the fight-or-flight hormone, adrenaline, better.

The reason for such apparent ice-veined cool is not just superior genetics. Bold high-achievers have a grasp of the art of stress management – and we can all learn to improve our composure. Here are five tips on how to stay calm under pressure. Read at the Adrenalist..

Beat the stress test

Any interview has a cold-sweat side. However much the interviewer smiles, the procedure raises the spectre of interrogation – a spotlight shone into the eyes. 

Picture, then, how it feels to undergo a “stress test” interview. The variant on the standard inquisition puts the prey, sorry, candidate under acute pressure.

The interviewer goes for the jugular in a bid to find out if the candidate responds rashly and emotionally to unsettling behaviour. Stress permeates the workplace. So, the theory goes, employers must find out if potential employees can handle pressure and handle it well. Read more at the Sydney Morning Herald…