World’s wildest ladyboy shows

Ladyboys look increasingly like real women, and thanks to cutting-edge surgery, they can even have their tell-tale Adam’s apples removed. The result: ladyboys often wind up looking just as glamorous and gorgeous as women born as women. In many cases, ladyboys look better. Girls, prepare for the awkward moment when you realise a man might look prettier than you …

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Collision of worlds: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Discover a Thai town abuzz with culture, history and eccentricity.

HOME to 250,000 people, Chiang Mai has more life than a city with 10 times that number of inhabitants.

No longer treated by travellers as a sleepy backwater en route to the hills, the town steeped in local Lanna culture is booming. Travel and leisure has helped Chiang Mai climb up the ranks as one of the world’s top cities.

At the heart of the north-western town ringed by highways and hills stands the old, moat-lined walled city. One ex-rodeo rider resident I know, who roves the area’s maze-like streetscape by bike, says Chiang Mai is so rich that you never exhaust its potential. Read more at the Star..

Sepaktakraw: Thai kick volleyball

Few, if any, sports have more wow factor than kick volleyball. Strictly known as Sepaktakraw — a cross of the Malay word for “kick” and the Thai word for “woven ball” — it is electrifying.

Infused with Parkour-style cool, Sepaktakraw mixes soccer and volleyball with gymnastics. Oh, and there’s a touch of martial arts in there, too, which is why it has been called “Kung Fu Volleyball”. It looks tricky, doesn’t it?

It is. See if you can think of a sport that demands more skill and has a higher entry level. The Huffington Post says that it might just be the world’s toughest sport. Read more at the Adrenalist..

Seven Wonders of Thailand

The Thai tourist board slogan states ‘amazing Thailand’ and certainly the Land of Smiles offers endless opportunities for amazement.  Here we take a look at seven of the Land of Smiles’ most extraordinary draws – some big-ticket and well-known, others overlooked except by locals and the adventurous. Read more at Agoda

The ice temple

WHAT a nightmare! Whenever you see photographs of Thailand’s White Temple, which lies on the fringes of that tri-nation junction, the Golden Triangle, it looks luminously beautiful like the Taj Mahal.

Now, however, the skies above the White Temple or Wat Rong Khun are dowdy and cloudy, and the landmark might better be described as “the grey temple”.

Indeed, the washout weather raises the spectre of some godforsaken English seaside town like Mablethorpe. Read more at the Malaysia Star…

Shattered smiles: the Thai kingdom called happiness

Discover the ruined Thai kingdom anchored in happiness called Sukhothai.

NICKNAMED the Land of Smiles, Thailand grew from a kingdom called Sukhothai, which means Dawn of Happiness. Today, the kingdom consists of a sleepy town called New Sukhothai and some sprawling ruins.

Unlike other history-soaked haunts, Sukhothai has a light touch, a rosy glow and some magic reflected by the exquisitely carved Buddha smiles on the faces of statues gracing its ruins. Read more at the Malaysia Star…

Thailand’s shattered invincible city

Hilariously, the name Ayutthaya (ah-you-tah-ya) means “invincible”. The meaning makes no sense to the modern visitor because the ancient Thai capital occupying an island where three rivers meet is a classic vanquished city, an urban Titanic. Read more at the Malaysia Star