Have we reached a tipping point? Tipping: yes or no?

When did you last leave a tip? The outwardly saintly act is widely seen as unwelcome: an awkward American rite that shaves wages and oppresses consumers.

In the United States, whether you are dealing with a waiter or bellman, you must tip, according to financial analyst Jim Miller, who adds that tipping is growing more common globally. That makes tipping topical, he says, but he opposes the trend.

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Ten bang-for-buck small business tips

Cash flow is your business’s lifeblood – and it can be the first casualty during a downturn.

Now, thanks to China’s slowdown, Australia’s economy looks wobbly. Last quarter, it grew at half the forecast pace. Even worse, according to the National Australia Bank, business confidence fell three points in February.

Now could be a good time to act defensively and focus on saving money. Here are some drastic saving tips from fiscal experts, who explain how to cut costs to the bone and beyond without axing staff. Get ready to embrace your inner miser.

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Ten Twitter tips and tricks

Once a seemingly pointless platform for talking about what you had for breakfast, Twitter boldly evolved into a social media sensation. At last count, according to tech journal Mashable, the platform that limits your utterances to 140 characters had over 200 million users. That is an awful lot of “tweeple”.

When did you last try to reach some? Two social media experts explain how small business owners can channel Twitter’s tiny might. Read more at the Sydney Morning Herald..


Crash course: vital start-up lessons

So you have a fancy name for your new business – Launchpad14 or whatever. Feeling bullish?

It is tempting to believe that you can successfully launch your business on the strength of “passion”, a spreadsheet and a couple of beers. It is tempting to believe that you are on your way to becoming the next Grabble: the Wollongong garage start-up bought by US shopping giant Walmart.

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Asia: street-smart travel tips

Let’s start this post with a sweeping statement. Broadly speaking, violent crime in Asia is rare. But low-level opportunism does pose a risk, as it does to gullible or unprepared travelers anywhere. The Asia region also has its share of environmental gremlins and tricky cultural hurdles. With this in mind, save yourself a ton of hassle and find out how to avoid and/or overcome these travel challenges. Read more at Agoda…


Money machine: Google AdSense tips & tricks

Google AdSense is addictive. Once you adopt the free contextual website advertising program and get your first payment, you may feel compelled to keep checking your earnings. Implicitly, AdSense promises a stream of easy money: click, click, kerching!

Or, rather, kerplunk. Talk to a random smattering of bloggers and other web publishers who have followed the AdSense dream and you hear that making more than a pittance is hard. The reason: few visitors respond to the ads, each of which only nets you a micropayment – a fraction of a cent – per click.

That sobering point raises the question of how you boost your “click-through rate” (CTR) and make more than a pitiful trickle of money. The key secret, ad campaigners agree, is to ensure that your adverts blend. If, for instance, your background is white, consider fitting the ad with a white background and border. Read more at the Melbourne Age…


Search engine voodoo: little-known SEO tricks

The indexed web contains almost 15 billion pages, according towww.worldwidewebsize.com. So no matter how great your product, your small business site promoting it may get lost in the depths of the web. That is, unless you are deft at the dark art of SEO (search engine optimisation).

Enter search engine strategist Nicholas Carroll, who wrote the SEO entry for the 2010 Encyclopedia of Library and Information SciencesRead more: http://www.smh.com.au/small-business/smallbiz-tech/search-engine-voodoo-littleknown-seo-tricks-20100907-14yl3.html#ixzz1M0hnTw5q