Craziest marathons

Think marathons and other long-distance races always meant traditional, spandex-clad runners pounding city streets to hit their mile splits faster than they did the year before? Power gel, shin splints and thousands of discarded paper cups included?

Think again. Turns out some pretty unconventional races mark the worldwide sporting calendar. These are five of the world’s craziest marathons. Read more at the Adrenalist..

Odd Japanese snacks

Japan routinely gets labeled weird and quirky. Its image may just be a cartoon cliché based on little, but there’s joy in believing that the island nation is drastically different – even odder than England.

Still, few would argue that Japan serves up some extraordinary dishes that make frog’s legs look tame. Take a look at the menu. Spotlighted dishes range from a poisonous fish to feral ice cream. Read more at Agoda




Succulent Asian fruit

Apples, bananas and oranges get boring eventually and start tasting like sawdust. If you struggle to eat such mainstream fruit and thus fail to ‘get your vits’, as Aussies say, join the club and discover some exotic species of fruit popular around Asia.

If you mix them up, these succulent fruits might just revive your jaded tastebuds and make consuming vitamins more enticing. You can always try them blended at increasingly common blender-powered Asian smoothie stalls. Read more at Agoda

Offbeat Bangkok

So you’ve done the Grand Palace, the floating market, Wat Pho, Jim Thompson’s House and Siam Ocean World. Or you haven’t, but you would rather visit somewhere more unusual — somewhere not nailed by your guidebook and the blogging hordes, somewhere yet to be swamped by gap-year backpackers.

Finding fresh ground to explore is hard. The reason: Bangkok routinely gets voted one of the world’s top cities by a certain travel magazine (Travel + Leisure magazine). Read more at the Malaysia Star…

Weird London wedding spots

If you want to get married at Westminster Abbey like Prince William and Kate Middleton, tough luck — it’s not on. Still,London hosts all kinds of eccentric upmarket alternatives, and here are some of the coolest — and slightly unconventional — spots to tie the knot with a difference. Read more at ninemsn…

Party animals

Contrary to what Walt Disney wanted you to think, animals get up to all kinds of antics rarely explored in cute cartoons. Animals fight, indulge in everyday cannibalism, sexual cannibalism, gay sex, incest — you name it. And they like a drink.

It’s not just pond water or puddles, either, but the hard stuff: fermented juice or whatever brew that Mother Nature serves in happy hour mood. In fact, whateverScientific American says, animals love grog.

Meet a ragtag gang of animals liable to get drunk as a skunk at the first whiff of nectar. Read more at ninemsn…