Monofin swimming amps up speed and agility in the water

There’s a reason the undulating movement associated with using a monofin is called a “dolphin kick” – a monofin is a variant of traditional swimfins that enables swimmers to move through the water quicker and with more maneuverability. Read at the Adrenalist..

Take on Antarctica ice snorkeling

Australian adventure company, Aurora Expeditions, is now offering an entirely new twist on snorkeling – jumping into the frigid ice water of Antarctica and exploring amongst the penguins, seals and whales of the White Continent. Read at the Adrenalist..

Scuba superheroes

Meet three sub-aqua teams that pushed the limits of diving. The explorers thrust into the spotlight went way beyond their comfort zone – and then some.

Read more at the Adrenalist.

Amazing Asian dive sites

So you want to go somewhere wildly different but cannot afford to book a Virgin Galactic flight? Never mind. Plenty of extraordinary otherworldly action happens right under the waves, in the seas of Asia.

Diving Southeast Asia co-author David Espinosa expresses particular passion for the Raja Ampat area in West Papua. The area’s reefs are the most beautiful Espinosa has seen in 20 years of diving. Read more at Agoda…

Sydney scuba

Our minibus barrels beyond Maroubra towards Botany Bay with our instructor, former Royal Australian Navy ship diver Robert Ridge, behind the wheel. In the back are two English lads, flashing enough gold and tattoos to rival the markings of a tropical fish. As we near Bare Island, they chat to us about the mother country and the meaning of the word “pukka”.

Dubbed “bare” by Captain Cook, the island was once used as a garrison. More recently, it served as a set for Mission:Impossible II. Ridge says this place is one of Sydney’s top five dive sites. Read more at the Sydney Morning Herald [onlined at TravelRoads]..