Why optimistic people are more likely to be duped

In the first six months of 2015 Australians were fleeced of $45 million. The loss raises questions about how you avoid being scammed and the secret could be to get grumpy.
Sad subjects are better judges of deception than happy ones, according to a University of New South Wales study cited by 100-plus sources.

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Why electronic banking transactions can take so much time

On paper, it seems ridiculous. You send some money via electronic banking and the transaction apparently goes into limbo – overseas payments can be especially slow, reaching intended recipients after up to five business days, which can effectively mean a week.

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Love not lucre: avoid the gold-diggers

If you thought gold-digging was an exclusively female pursuit, think again.

Money has an aphrodisiac effect on men, according to dating site AYI.com.

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Jingling pockets could bring on a headache

Money, money, money – how much do you dwell on the stuff? Excessive desire for money robs people of their humanity, according to the famously frugal Pope, who recently suspended a ”bling bishop” for alleged lavish spending.

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Where there’s a will there’s potential for acrimony

Like wedding fights, inheritance spats have a sordid, nightmare quality. A low-rent tussle over the loot can take a terrible toll on family ties.

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The menu tricks that tap more than your appetite

Make no mistake: a menu is a manipulative document meant to make you spend more money than you anticipated. Blame the persuasive influence of a burgeoning trend called menu engineering: strategic tweaking designed to drive sales.

Especially if you are hungry, you may well be swayed by the guile of a menu engineer bent on bending your mind and denting your wallet. So here is an audit of some top menu mind games exposed by psychologists and catering industry insiders.

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ATM skimming – what you should know

Your routine trip to the local ATM could have a shocking cost if you aren’t careful. The reason: in a practice known as ”skimming”, thieves mount pirate card readers and pinhole cameras on automated teller machines to swipe credentials.

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