Five free and easy SEO tools

So you want to turn your website into a lead generating machine?

Instead of counting on your marketing intuition, you should tap the intelligence offered by search engine optimisation (SEO) tools, experts say. Read more at the Sydney Morning Herald..


Stay ahead in SEO: how to improve your ranking

How you get Google to value your online presence and award you a coveted high ranking is a source of sustained hot debate. With its cryptic algorithm updates dubbed Panda and Penguin, Google can seem impossibly picky. Cue desperation.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) analyst Robert McAnderson likens the dozens of rivals liable to scrap for a top-10 spot on Google’s page one to “seagulls fighting over a chip”.

Here is some intel on how to wow the likes of Google by coolly applying classic and cutting-edge SEO. Read more at the Sydney Morning Herald..

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How to get a page one Google page ranking for under $100

So you want to get on the front page of Google? What business does not want to get there – ideally ranking in the top-ten?

One secret of getting on Google’s front page is simple. Splash the cash – and keep defending your spot by continually outbidding your competitor, irrespective of cost. Or, there is a far more frugal solution, according to Sydney-based small business strategist Robert McAnderson, author of the new book DNO the SEO Revolution: a how-to-guide for achieving permanent page-one rankings for under $100.

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The nitty gritty of writing for search engines

If inserted in your website’s copy, one word above any other can boost business. No, the word is not “new” or “success”, though they do have their place.

“Without a doubt, the single most powerful word that you can use is ‘you’,” says marketing consultant Dave Davis ( Davis recounts how he changed the copy on a client’s homepage from 15 uses of the words “we” and “our” (as in “we can help”) to just two instances, going for 21 uses of the words “you” and “your”.

Overnight, the conversion rate – the percentage of visitors who take a desired action – improved 150 per cent, Davis says. Davis thought that this was an anomaly, but the improved conversion rate continued. Read more at the Age…

Search engine voodoo: little-known SEO tricks

The indexed web contains almost 15 billion pages, according So no matter how great your product, your small business site promoting it may get lost in the depths of the web. That is, unless you are deft at the dark art of SEO (search engine optimisation).

Enter search engine strategist Nicholas Carroll, who wrote the SEO entry for the 2010 Encyclopedia of Library and Information SciencesRead more: