Five backbreaking 100 mile ultra races

For most of us, running just one marathon is a big day out, so picture how it feels to run 1,000 miles in 30 days.  The Guardian reports that three friends are running the equivalent of 39 marathons across eastern Europe to raise money for charity. An amazing feat worth noting.

The event underlines that the trend in ultra running that keeps going farther and farther, as more weekend warriors aim to DO:MORE. Here are five backbreaking 100 mile races.

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Increase endurance and energy with three natural energy supplements

On Feb. 25, one of the most punishing events in the action sports calendar unfolded: the Sahara Marathon.  Set in Al Ayoun, Algeria, the event was complete with a piles of stones, flags and other makeshift markers.

The unforgiving 42km length of the main marathon and the inevitable blistering heat causes competitors to utilize any endurance supplements they can for some extra kick to help them do more. Let’s take a look at 3 amazing foods and juices that can help you increase your endurance and energy naturally.

Toughest military selection tests on the planet – military workouts

At some stage, almost every gung-ho Adrenalist dreams about joining a Special Forces cadre. Although fighting is extremely dirty work, Special Forces organizations retain a sheen of glamor and honor. It helps that Special Forces members must be some of the most highly trained men in any field – the ultra-effective elite of the elite.

Do you think you could cut it as a Special Forces agent? Here is some intel on five extreme military tests and workouts.

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Race through the Sahara Desert

The annual 4 Deserts Series is now widely recognized as the world’s most prestigious outdoor footrace series, ranked by Time magazine as one of the Top Ten Endurance Events for two years running. The series features the Atacama Crossing in Chile, the Gobi March in China, the Sahara Race in Egypt and The Last Desert in Antarctica. Read more at the Adrenalist..


Grand Raid de la Reunion 20th anniversary

Have you ever considered running a distance equivalent to almost four marathons in a row? We’re going to go out on a whim and say no.

Competitors in the Grand Raid de la Reunion La Diagonale Des Fous race are currently doing just that. This year marks the mountain ultramarathon’s 20th anniversary, and it all unfolds on the French-run Reunion Island – a slice of Africa in the Indian Ocean between Madagascar and Mauritius. Read on at the Adrenalist..